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 Video and Photo shoots

You Design and BIRDmachineBIRD can build

... or BMB can design for you!

Whatever the treatment and style, I can make it. Designed by my partner, Director Traci Goudie, I built this Princess Punk mask for a scene in a music video directed by BIRDmachineBIRD

photo by Traci Goudie

Savannah Jo Lack music video

Another BIRDmachineBIRD production that Traci and I did. I loved making the steampunk wings!
Check out the video here : Savannah Jo Lack "BITCH"

Flogging Molly music video

BIRDmachineBIRD (me and Traci Goudie) designed and built everything for the Music video that we wrote and Directed for Flogging Molly's song "Don't shut em down"

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