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Directed by : BIRDmachineBIRD (Traci Goudie & Patrick Hubik)

Band: Flogging Molly ---- Song title: "Don't Shut em Down"

I Co wrote and Co Directed this music video with my BIRDmachineBIRD partner Traci Goudie.

The Stop Motion animation in this video was a blast to work on. With BIRDmachineBIRD, I conceived, designed, fabricated and animated the Characters and props in this video. The Idea Traci Goudie and I had was: An old Homeless Man made out of  newspaper struggles to survive on the streets of a surreal Detroit "Newspaper World". He is cold. Shivering, he finds a fire in a barrel on the street. In order to keep the fire lit and keep himself warm he has to tear pieces of himself off and feed himself to the fire....of course that can't last forever. This was a technical challenge because I wanted to have an old Man's Face tracked and composited onto the stop motion character's head. The Idea was to mix the old stop motion style with new digital compositing techniques. 

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