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Interactive Art

Interactive Exhibit design

 exploring the subject of copyright law and fair use

this is a new piece
on the subject of copyright law and fair use.


As far as the piece, I'll explain it just a bit because my

process can be understood as the flip-side of the curated

subject matter witch is "Fair Use".

I used a photograph of!!Iconic Pop star Lady Gaga!taken by

the great Artist Bart Hess . Then I wrote a software patch

that takes algorithms from Madonnas song Vogue (used for

free via and then used the amplitude as an

information input to create digital distortions along to the

music in real time.

I then recorded those distortion animations and saved them

as .mov files , turning the still image into a movie. I went

through the still frames of the movie and selected one. I

then made plastic layers of digital prints and paintings with

dye based pigments and alcohol. framed it and backlit it.

The piece is titled:



In the first video you will see the finished piece. The second video shows the digital processing being made





The Captivation of Pantheism Interactive


Technology vs. Technique


As the observer Views the paintings in "The Captivation of Pantheism Interactive" they begin to collapse the possibility, and aid in the realization that: The Technology becomes synergistic with the techniques traditional to viewing a painting: that of understanding form,  value, composition, color, edge, etc. .The process of seeing (technique) becomes more evident to the viewer as they interact with the painting (through technology) to create a new and greater work of art. The viewer not only becomes part of the creation process but part of the artwork as well. Again, the traditional relationship between the object and the observer is questioned and re-examined.


Read more about this exhibit on here:

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