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Blurring The Edges Between Mediums

​​Series A.

Angels VS. Fairies;

The rise and Fall of MonoTheism
Before Abraham's version of Monotheism was introduced to our psyche, our worship was of the natural world and there existed a pantheon of forces and energies to be explained through that worship. From a certain perspective,  the Angels where the killers of the Fairies. The Fairies representing Nature.

Transversely, the theories involving the relationship between technology and nature are very similar to the theory of Monotheism and Nature.

Technology has taken us out of the paleolithic fields and into an electronic computational digital revolution. As a socio-spritual result, the electro magnetic frequencies of our "wired" world have "Frozen" Nature in a moment of innocence.

​Series B.

The collapse of the state vector

​​why are these paintings named after terms used to describe quantum states? You might need an education in Quantum theory, Art History, and drawing and painting theories to fully appreciate what I'm exploring here but I will describe three theories and after you know these 3 concepts you will see these works from the proper perspective. So please read these 3 theories and then think about the paintings.

1.  Quantum mechanics states that a quantum particle exists in infinite locations and theoretical possible states simultaneously until it has been measured or observed, but, when measured or observed, the wave function collapses, the quantum particle gives a result corresponding to only one of the possible configurations. It exists everywhere until observed. This is called quantum superposition 

2. Wave function collapse is a term used in quantum physics to describe when a superposition forms between the quantum system's states and the environment's states.

3. What we see is made up of shapes that are defined by the edges of 2 different colors (hues) touching, 2 different values (light to dark) touching. Our brains are wired to see the shapes from values because that is what tells us "that shape is a tree" but if you train yourself to see the shapes made up by colors you will observe a whole new beauty. In the painting Waveform.Collapse.1.0, I paint these shapes so that I can capture what it is to "observe" that state of our reality. The waveform collapses into our reality.... It's not just an abstract painting of an Iris flower and a fairie.

Series C.

Analog to Digital

Film or Digital? another theme that parallels Nature vs. Technology and I love a good "Old verses the New" stand off. While exploring this concept I made This series of paintings which is made up of digitally 
manipulated film negatives.

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